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Plan Group Tours Experience the Art of Hospitality in Mason City, Iowa and discover an array...
Tour Enhancements Enhancements are available to further enrich your group's experience...
Themed Itineraries Group travel? No problem, read about our exciting themed itineraries.
VMC Group Tour Services Visit Mason City is a full-service bureau, with a professional group tour staff...

Event Planners

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Tourism Marketing Grant Visit Mason City Tourism Marketing Grant
Event Planners Mason City, Iowa is the ideal location to host your next meeting, convention and...
Events/Meeting Services Need a formal proposal? Visit Mason City is ready, willing and able.

What are the benefits?

Bring It Home

When you make the commitment to host a future convention, conference, exhibition, tournament or special event, you can expect to receive many benefits:

Civic Pride – Help showcase the community and area you proudly call home.

Increased Exposure – Increase awareness of your organization's cause, hobby or profession locally through increased media coverage of your event.

Economic Impact – Help our local and area economy grow by bringing your convention to Mason City and North Iowa.

Convenience – Save time and money since you won't have the hassle of traveling out of town plus, everyone saves money since meeting costs are very affordable in Mason City.

Leadership – Unveil the potential of your volunteers as they team up to host the convention.

Challenge – Is your group up to it? Learn to develop leaders by getting people involved in the challenge.

Showcase – Highlight your local and area facilities, or your latest achievements, and have some fun while you impress your organization's colleagues, state and national leaders.

Fundraising – Raise money to help fund your organizations or favorite charities.

Prestige – Earn the respect of your peers and national leadership by hosting a first-class event that demonstrates your organization's abilities.

Satisfaction – Know that your personal efforts really make a difference! Bring it home...Bring it to Mason City!